TOP 20 of french ski resorts with most diversified activities

Published on february 26 , 2017 – Author : Coline Mionnet

TOP 20 of french ski resorts with most diversified activities

Innov Mountains analyzed the snow and ice activities proposed by more than 200 French ski resorts, and gives his readers the result of this study, as a chart of winter sport activities diversity.
We also release a separate ranking for low-lying ranges, as some of them have made considerable efforts in the lasts years to propose a wide choice of disciplines. Finally, a local classification by range values ​​the stations that have invested in the diversification of outdoor activities.

We have only selected zero-carbon activities, in line with our basic principle of promoting the sustainable development of tourism in mountain areas, with the exception, however, of the rather marginal helicopter activities that enable a without equivalent discovery of high mountain landscapes , if not the balloon or, for the most adventurous ones, paragliding.
On the other hand, we excluded ice driving and snowmobiles. Let’s imagine a resort with hundreds of these fuel-motorized vehicles traveling it up and down … it should be the end of mountain calm and clean air. It is worth mentioning the appearance, for the first time in France, of electric snowmobiles in Les Gets resort, on the Portes du Soleil area in Haute-Savoie.

The main tendencies of resorts competition.

Global warming forces, many resorts have extended the share of their ski area covered by artificial snow. For many of them, it’s a question of survival in the face of the uncertainty of natural snowfall. As for winter recreational activities, SnowParks are popular, many new areas have been created and others have been improved or expanded.
Four seasons luge tracks, often on rails, are developed in large stations or multi-station domains. Without too much disfiguring the landscapes, they bring an additional attraction for families and non-skiers, and have the advantage of being usable throughout the year, allowing a faster depreciation. Access for disabled people is also taken into account in a large number of resorts, in particular taxi-skiing, provision of adapted gliding equipment and qualified instructors.
Sustainable mobility is emerging, with Segway gyropods adapted to snow, and electric karts on ice. We hope to soon see the Swincar, a french electric pendular spider, appear in the stations where it would certainly make sensation. The diversification of activities in resorts is also reflected in the increasing supply of ‘fun slides’, with airboard, snowtubing, Snake Gliss, yooner, and the multiplication of adapted tracks. Not to mention the welcome and animation of the children, which takes the focus of the station managers, who mostly offer a varied panel of activities for children from 1 to 12 years old.

Chart all ranges

1) AUSSOIS, Massif de la Vanoise, Haute vallée de la Maurienne

Surprisingly, this superb Savoyard resort, ideally located at the southern edge of the Vanoise National Park, takes the lead in this chart with 28 criteria validated out of 52 and the maximum score of 20/20. This discreet family resort offers the maximum of leisure opportunities to its guests, in an amazing natural spot.
Its ski area is very balanced, with nearly three quarters of the trails classified as blue and red. Lovers of nordic skiing and snowshoeing will not be disappointed by unforgettable marked and maintained trails,

There are many alternative sledging activities, with almost the full range of possibilities, and thrill seekers will find something to satisfy their wishes. The reception of the children is not left with the structures and a reception of high quality. In addition, people with disabilities will find in Aussois everything that will allow them to satisfy their desire for nature and mountain. Particularity of Aussois, the Parc du Diable, an adventure park for youngers and olders with two giant rope lines, which one is 640 meters long, the longest in the world in acrobatic forests.

vidéo by Stéphane Humbert on YouTube

As a bonus, Aussois offers numerous opportunities for discovery in the surrounding region, such as the Esseillon forts or, in the vicinity, the Upper Maurienne Valley (on the Great Alpine Route), Mont Cenis Lake or Italy , Very close by Frejus tunnel. Aussois has been awarded ‘Famille Plus Montagne’ label since 2006.

2) FLUMET Saint Nicolas la Chapelle – Val d’Arly, Savoie Mont Blanc (16/20)

3) Notre Dame de Bellecombe, Beaufortain (15.3/20)

Handiski à Notre Dame de Bellecombe Vidéo par Marie Le Fleur su YouTube

4) Chamrrousse, massif de Belledonne, Isère (14.7/20)

VidĂ©o”PrĂ©sentation Chamrousse” sur YouTube

4) Orcière Merlette, Champsaur, Hautes Alpes (14.7/20)

Orcières descente en tyrolienne par Logame54 sur YouTube

6) L’Alpe d’Huez, Oisans, Isère (14/20)

Ecole de ski “EasySki” Ă  l’Alpe d’Huez 2017

6) Avoriaz, Portes du Soleil, Chablais, Haute Savoie (14/20)

Avoriaz snowpark

8) Chatel, Chablais, Haute Savoie (13.3/20)

8) MĂ©ribel, Vanoise, Savoie (13.3/20)

8) Morzine, Portes du Soleil, Chablais, Haute Savoie (13.3/20)

8) Saint François Longchamp, Lauzière, Savoie (13.3/20)

8) Tignes, Vanoise, Savoie (13.3/20)

13) La Toussuire, Arves, Savoie (12.7/20)

13) Le Corbier, Arves/Maurienne, Savoie (12.7/20)

Followed by Chamonix (Mont Blanc), Champagny en Vanoise, Combloux (Mont Blanc), Crest Voland Cohennoz (Beaufortain), La Cluzaz (Massif des Aravis), La Guiettaz (Aravis), Serre Chevalier (Briançonnais), (toutes notées 12/20, soit 15 activités hiver outdoor).

The first 20 stations in our ranking are all located in the Alps, including 19 in the Northern Alps.
Savoy is at the forefront with 12 resorts on 20, the most attractive ranges are, on the criteria of diversity of outdoor activities, Vanoise, Mont Blanc, Chablais and Beaufortain.
This does not in any way call into question the quality of the resorts of other ranges, nor the quality of the skiing of the unclassified ones, but confirms the dynamism of the Alps and the innterest of French and foreign skiers (40%) for the French part of the great European range.
We also present a classification for all other ranges, then a classification by range, for the less favored of them by snow covering.


1 Artouste, Vallée d’Ossau, Pyrénées Atlantiques (9.3/20)

Crossing Gourette to Artouste, vidéo Comité Départemental du Tourisme Béarn Pays Basque, on youTube

1 Formiguères, Capcir, Pyrénées Orientales (9.3/20)

1 Gavarnie Gèdre, Hautes Pyrénées (9.3/20)

1 Puyvalador Rieutort, Capcir, Pyrénées Orientales (9.3/20)

5 Bolquère-Pyrénées 2000, Cerdagne, Pyrénées Orientales (8.7/20)

5 Les Angles, Capcir, Pyrénées Orientales (8.7/20)

5 Ax 3 Domaines, Ariège (8.7/20)

8 Gourette, ***, Pyrénées Atlantiques (8/20)

8 La Pierre Saint Martin, *** , Pyrénées Atlantiques (8/20)

8 Luchon Superbagnères, ***, Haute Garonne (8/20)

8 Nistos, ***, Hautes Pyrénées (8/20)

12 Font Romeu Pyrénées 2000, Cerdagne, Pyrénées Orientales (7.3/20)

12 Grand Tourmalet Mongie Barèges (Bigorre, Hautes Pyrénées (7.3/20)

12 Guzet, Ariège

Ropeway Fantasticable Superbesse Vidéo by Kevin Lastar on YouTube

Massif Central

1 Le Lioran, Cantal (9.3/20)

Freestyle in snowpark du Lioran by RadCow on YouTube

2 Besse Superbesse, Sancy, Puy de Dome (8/20)

3 Chastreyx Sancy, Puy de Dome (7.3/20)

4 Brameloup, Aubrac, Cantal (6.7/20)

4 Chalmazel, Forez, Loire (6.7/20)

6 La Croix de Bauzon, Tanargue, Ardèche (6.7/20)

6 Le Bleymard Mont Lozère, Lozère


1 Les Plans d’Hotonnes Plateau de Retord, Ain (9.3/20)

1 Métabief Mont d’Or, Jura (9.3/20)

3 Les Rousses, Jura (8.7/20)

4 Mont Jura, Ain (7.3/20)

5 La Combe Saint Pierre, Jura (6.7/20)

6 Hauteville Lompnes, Ain (6/20)


Markstein Grand Ballon

Canton de Cernay : le Markstein, an amazing spot in all season, vidéo by Haut Rhin on YouTube

2 Bussang Larcenaire (7.3/20)

2 GĂ©rardmer (7.3/20)

2 La Bresse Hohneck (7.3/20)

2 Le Ballon d’Alsace (7.3/20)

2 Le Champ du Feu (7.3/20)

7 La Planche des Belles Filles (6.7/20)

7 La Schlucht (6.7/20)

Alpes du Sud

1 Orcière Merlette, Champsaur, Hautes Alpes (14/20)

SNAKE GLISS Orcières 1850 Vidéo by Snake Gliss on YouTube

2 Serre Chevalier, Briançonnais, Hautes Alpes (12/20)

3 La Colmiane, Mercantour, Alpes Maritimes (10.7/20)

3 Ristolas en Queyras, Queyras, Hautes Alpes (10.7/20)

5 Chabanon Selonnet, Vallée de la Blanche, Alpes de Haute Provence (10/20)

5 Sauze Super Sauze, Ubaye, Alpes de Haute Provence (10/20)

5 Superdevoluy La Joue du Loup, Devoluy, Hautes Alpes (10/20)

8 Ancelle, Champsaur, Hautes Alpes (9.3/20)

8 Les Orres, Embrunais, Hautes Alpes (9.3/20)

8 Montgenèvre, Briançonnais, Hautes Alpes (9.3/20)

vidéo by waphaelman on YouTube

8 Puy Saint Vincent, Ecrins, Hautes Alpes (9.3/20)

8 Saint Léger des Mélèzes, Champsaur, Alpes Maritimes (9.3/20)

Alpes du Nord, Massifs secondaires


1 Chamrousse (14.7/20)

2 Le Collet d’Allevard (6.7/20)

2 Les 7 Laux (6.7/20)


1 Col de Marcieu (7.3/20)

1 Col de Porte (7.3/20)

3 Le Chapey en Chartreuse (6/20)


1 Font d’Urle Chaud Clapier, Drôme (11.3/20)

VERCORS QUEST in Font d’Urle 2016 VidĂ©o by Jacques Malfay on YouTube

2 Autrans Méaudre, Isère (9.3/20)

3 Col de l’Arzelier, Isère (8.7/20)

3 Col de Rousset, DrĂ´me (8.7/20)

3 Corrençon en Vercors, Isère (8.7/20)

6 Lans en Vercors, Isère (8/20)

6 Lus La Jarlatte, DrĂ´me (8/20)

8 Gresse en Vercors, Isère (7.3/20)


1 Aillons Margeriaz, Haute Savoie (8.7/20)

1 Savoie Grand Revard, Haute Savoie (8.7/20)

3 Le Semnoz, Haute Savoie (6/20)


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