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France: Electric buses for Grenoble Metropole

2016, november, 29
SMTC, the Mixed Transport Union of the Grenoble Agglomeration, Fance, organizes the TAG network consisting of 5 tram lines (more than 100 trains) and 50 bus lines, and manages 18 relay parks for 2 800 cars.
In order to participate in limiting the fine particles emissions peaks to which the agglomeration is regularly exposed, and in collaboration with ADEME (French Environment & Energy Management Agency) , the TCMS has launched an evaluation phase for the replacement of diesel buses by 100% electric buses, whose technological maturity is beginning to be interesting.
Until February 2017, 5 electric buses from different manufacturers will run on the Chrono 3 and Chrono 4 lines to evaluate environmental, technical and economic impacts but also to collect the impressions of drivers and users.
After this phase of experimentation and according to the balance which will be set of, the SMTC will begin a process for replacing the fleet of 120 diesel buses with a first tender at the end of 2017 with the goal of complete elimination of diesel buses in the metropole.
At the cutting edge of the energy transition, SMTC has already acquired 56 hybrid diesel-electric buses and 69 natural gas powered buses in recent years.
Moreover the construction and extension of tramway lines make it possible to substantially reduce the flow of individual and collective polluting vehicles.
Grenoble Metropole, through this innovative policy, is firmly committed to aim the objectives of COP21 in terms of sustainable mobility.

Press release on Grenoble metro website

194 miles per hour with electric power

2016, november, 28
It is the high speed of the new model NIO eP9 of the Chinese manufacturer NextEv, a good technical feat although it will remain a car inaccessible to ordinary people.
But the most can do the least and the spectacular performances of the new vehicles presented by the builders of tomorrow demonstrate that the technology in this field evolves very very quickly. Innovation is on the way, is in race should we say, so the manufacturers are fighting fiercely to be the leaders of tomorrow’s automotive industry.
With one 250 kW motor each wheel and two battery packs that give it a theoretical autonomy of 264 miles, this electric formula has just beat a world record on the track of Nurburgring (Germany).
Video: Test on the Paul Ricart Circuit By the Association of Electric Vehicles of Quebec (AVEQ)


NIO website

Aixam, a French Alpine company, innovates in sustainable mobility

2016, november, 29
Established since 1975 in Aix les Bains, Savoie, the leading European company in AM-licence vehicles, is preparing to market its first range of electric-powered vehicles.
Silent and non-polluting, these vehicles can be driven from 14 years. Their speed is however limited to 28 miles per hour and their traffic is prohibited on motorway and expressway.
It is an interesting alternative to 50 cc motorcycles although their price is relatively high, but it is that of comfort and safety. They full charge in 3h30 on a single domestic plug and have an autonomy that can reach up to 69 miles. The builder announces a cost per mile less than 1.8 US$.
Aixam is expected to start marketing of the new electric range by the beginning of 2017.

AIXAM coupé EVO électrique sans permis

e-aixam website

Norway: Greenhouse effect gas reduction target moved forward from 2050 to 2030

19 octobre 2016
The oil-rich nordic country acts strongly for climate: not only they will commit to zero deforestation and banniing oil-powered cars, but the parliament’s energy and environment committee also agreed to set down the nation’s carbon neutral goal from 2050 to 2030. Hydropower already generates 95% of the global consumption, so the goal should be easy to reach.

Read full release on Inhabitat website

Renewable energy costs are fallen
In the United Kingdon, windpower is now the cheapest energy source

2016, october, 18
According energy experts of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electric power generated by wind farms is from now on the cheapest between all other energy sources, nuclear plants included, in the UK and Germany. UK began to decomission coal-fired power stations, whose operating costs are now very higher than these of wind plants.

Read full release on MWPS website

Monte Carlo: car racing null emission low noise

18 octobre 2016
First Monte Carlo e-Rally takes end last sunday, as arrived in Monaco 31 100% electric or hydrogen powered racing-cars. Amid many manufacturers who takes part in this competition, a Toyota Mirai Hydrogen, driven by the polish Artur Prusak, won the top step on the podium. Two french Renault Zoé electric supplement the winners trio. Started from Fontaineblea, near Paris, on october, 16, all challengers succeeded to join monegasque harbor, more than 1000 kilometers later.

Read more on ACM website

Windpower: a french Alps startup innovates

16 octobre 2016
Bladetips Energy, created at the end of 2016 spring, has developped a new wind turbine smart system. It consists in a flying rotor, rope-linked to a turbine, wich so avoid heavy infrastructure as maste and fundations of usual windturbines. Initial cost of a such wind plant woud so be reduced of 40%. We wish a great future to their project, at this time on prototype state.

Bladetips Energy website, with video showing principle of the device