Projects Box

Post your project related to sustainable development in mountain or valley areas !

The Projects Box is the participative space of Innov Mountains website. Here you can :

  • Find out about sustainable projects regarding your town, massif, region, or any other mountain or valley territory. You can also find projects you would like to participate to, support, or share with your relations.
  • Propose a project, regardless of its scale (town, massif, state, international…) with several choices :

1) submit it to the opinion of Innov Mountains readers via social networks (soon),
2) try to be recruited to start your project, and not only by your resume,
3) find potential partners.

If several organizations propose to recruit you, you can negotiate and choose. You can also altruisticly submit your project so that everyone benefits it.

There are many goals to this section : boost sustainable projects and local economy in mountain and valley areas, make access to passion-jobs easier for project developers and why not invent new professions ?

You absolutely want to protect your concept ? In this case, you can file a Soleau envelope on the INPI website (15€) which will prove that you hold the concept priority if you have a legal conflict in France.

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