Bioclimatic domes for Sancy Resort

Published on September 21st, 2016 – Author : Coline Mionnet

Bioclimatic domes for Sancy Resort

At the heart of the massif of Sancy in Auvergne, Sancy Resort tourist complex has six eco-lodges designed with respect for the environment, and is expected to expand by building bioclimatic houses « Natura Dome ».

Sancy Resort eco-construction

Located in Chambon des Neiges at 1200 m above sea level, between Chambon Lake, the Valley of Chaudefour and 20 minutes away from Mont-Dore and Super-Besse ski resorts, Sancy Resort offers a range of sports and wellness activities. By proposing independent eco-designed and dome-shaped houses that perfectly fit in the hilly landscape, the new project of Sancy Resort is surfing on the wave of sustainable tourism.
AIP Promotion group is responsible for finding partners interested to take part in the adventure leaning on Nuger Bank for funding.
Following an architect competition organized by Sancy Resort three years ago, two companies :Solution Habitat and NaturaDream, specialized in eco-construction, have been taken on.

piscine extérieure chauffée par géothermie

The design, the environmentalist approach and the low environmental footprint of the Natura Dome, offered by NaturaDream, conquered politicians who take part in the project. Nine modules would be rented weekly and for weekends. Subject to environmental feasibility studies, an outdoor pool heated by geothermal energy and opened all year round could also emerge at Sancy Resort.

Natura Dome by Natura Dream

Winner of the campaign « My Positive Impact » on the initiative of Fondation Nicolas Hulot, winner of the contest « 100 projects for climate », Natura Dome is an high energy performance building, fully integrated in the existing landscape. Eco-designed with up to 70% local recycled materials, it is very modular and can be used for any type of function, particularly in sensitive natural area.

Natura dôme matériaux recyclés

In winter, Natura Dome is naturally heated by its large windows and in the summer, its 100% green vaulted roof cools indoor air. It is up to two times more powerful than what requires the standard RT 2012, latest regulation in force. The thick insulation layer of the Natura Dome (60cm) coming from value-creation of local wood chips and its green roof protect its inhabitants from noise and winter cold.
« Thanks to this efficient and economic insulation, we can have the cake and eat it too ! », said Benoît Darré, executive director of NaturaDream.

Natura Dome, a positive energy building

The bioclimatic dome indeed has an good carbon footprint with 300 kg of carbon sequestered per square meter of living space and allows to achieve permanent energy savings. With NaturaWatt patent, Natura Dome becomes a positive energy building which green roof produced biomass. Its reinforced concrete vault is poured on a metallic structure recycled from the aeronautical sector. The plans, walls and ceilings are 100% customizable to give free rein to one’s imagination and invent a dream place.

La Chaîne des Puys, Puy de Dôme Auvergne

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